Work With Us

Partner with us to spread the message of the healthy relationship lifestyle and help distribute our programs to couples!

Here at Ready Set Love® we enjoy collaborating with like-minded organizations that have a mission of personal growth, wellness and healthy living. If you are a blogger, an influencer with an audience, a radio host, company executive, or in a position to introduce our helpful programs to hundreds of couples, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Contact us for information on our partnership and affiliate programs!

Examples of who we partner with:

  • Individuals/companies that believe in spreading love, wellness and health in the world
  • Those passionate about promoting healthy relationships
  • Leaders of online communities such as blogs, Facebook groups, etc.
  • Companies in health & wellness
  • Mailing lists oriented around personal growth, self-development, mindfulness . . .
  • Email lists focused on fitness, nutrition, healthy living, etc.
  • Influencers who care about health, wellness and better relationships


  • Large spiritual & religious organizations that want to focus on healthy relationships
  • Media organizations like podcasts, TV shows, YouTube channels, etc.
  • Therapy clinics and National associations in family health
  • Non-profit organizations dedicated to relationship education & family health
  • Universities and other educational organizations


  • Large companies who wish to promote relationship health to employees
  • Corporate benefit plans
  • Medical and stress-prevention education companies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Dating and Matchmaking companies
  • Sex & family therapy associations

If you have the passion to promote health relationships with us, and lead or organize a sizable audience or employee base, we look forward to discussing our partnership opportunities. We’re excited to make the world a healthier place in partnership with you! Help your community have stronger relationships through the latest science with Ready Set Love®!

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