01 Welcome to the Ready Set Love Podcast!

John Howard Ready Set Love Podcast

01 Welcome to the Ready Set Love Podcast!

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Ready Set Love podcast!

Want a better, stronger relationship? Want to find the right partner and develop a great relationship?

This podcast is for you!

Therapist John Howard takes you through the A to Z of having an awesome, rockstar relationship using the very latest science. He interviews other experts as well on topics ranging from sex to money to the secrets of how to stay connected and deepen your relationship.

Those in partner relationships will learn practical secrets for taking it to the next level. Singles will find tips on choosing well and navigating the dating process. This is information you won’t find anywhere else!

Listen to the cutting-edge science of relationship and romantic tips on the Ready Set Love podcast!

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Show Notes:

  • How John got started as a relationship therapist
  • Why it’s important to learn practical relationship skills
  • Discover what the Ready Set Love Podcast is all about!

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