03 Allana Pratt – Vulnerability is the New Sexy

Allana Pratt on Ready Set Love with John Howard

03 Allana Pratt – Vulnerability is the New Sexy


It’s normally something we try to avoid but when embraced it can lead to greater connections.

Intimacy expert Allana Pratt knows that sex is sacred, bodies are temples and true intimacy begins inside.

This classy, sexy, Ivy League single mom is a captivating storyteller, international best selling author, gifted coach & sought after media personality.

Allana’s passionate devotion to helping men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power in dating and relationships is rooted in her own experience. It was only by embracing the power of vulnerability in her life that she was able to create real connection, real fast.

Learn how you can start embracing vulnerability in your life and the impact it can have in all of your relationships.

“Vulnerability isn’t about being dramatic. It’s about being real and willing.” – Allana Pratt


Show Notes:

  • The importance of vulnerability
  • The powerful question Allana uses to accept her vulnerability
  • How to be vulnerable
  • Benefits of being open and up front with your emotions

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