Avoid these 5 Mistakes in Your Relationship!

Virtual Class at Entheos.com!


Virtual Class at Entheos.com!

An introduction to the new science of relationship, hosted by Entheos.com and taught by John Howard, MA. The first in a 5-part series, this is a 60 minute video class that is always available on their website. For $9.95/month, you can join Entheos to watch this class, the entire series, and all of their other fantastic classes anytime you want. Use the link below to sign up and receive access to John’s classes and the full library of educational programs at Entheos. This class will teach you how to have more fun, love and connection in your relationship right away! Click here to see the 10 Big Ideas John shares in this video class: https://www.entheos.com/academy/classes/how-to-practice-the-new-science-of-relationship?c=5249

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