The New Science of Relationships

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The New Science of Relationships

The new science is here! Neuroscience and psychological research from the last 5-10 years has changed the way we understand relationships. Fields of study like adult attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, regulation theory, emotion-focused work, self-compassion, and newer models of personal growth that harness how the brain learns have all improved our clarity on what a healthy relationship is and the power of intimate relationships to shape our lives. Your relationship can benefit tremendously from learning some of this new science. By understanding the real pathways of connection, you can harness the new science to have more love, less stress, more joy, fun and ease in your relationship.

Ready, Set, Love! helps you and your partner grow together by teaching you this new science and giving you practical exercises to practice it in your relationship. We’ve built an online studio for your relationship–a place where you can learn the latest approaches to better communication, more connection, and closer intimacy.

John Howard, MA is a licensed therapist who teaches professional and public audiences across the U.S. He trained with some of the top researchers and clinicians in the world to bring the new science into his own private practice. Now he’s offering these tips to couples everywhere through the Ready Set Love! program. John is influenced by the work of Dr. Stan Tatkin and the PACT Institute, as well as Drs. Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Steve Porges, Pat Ogden, Diana Fosha and others. Start using these powerful tips in your relationship today!


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