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Seton Cove & API Talks

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Seton Cove & API Talks

Please join me June 18 and 19 at the Seton Cove and Attachment Parenting International in Austin, TX for talks on how to strengthen your relationship, grow in partnership, and understand what kids need from adult relationships. Thursday, June 19 will be on the Spiritual Science of Relationship. I will be focusing on how to relate to our partners (or kids, family members, etc) in a way that promotes happiness, keeps the brain young and healthy and deepens our spiritual growth. The talk will be from 12-1pm and includes lunch. You can read more about the class and register HERE.

On Wed, June 18, you can join me at Attachment Parenting International (Central Austin Chapter) at 10:15am on the importance of strengthening adult relationships in the home as a key part of providing the best parenting support to our children. Children’s social/emotional maps are heavily influenced by their experience of how adults in their lives care for one another. More information on the talk and location HERE.

For those of you who can’t join us, stay tuned for new entheos.com videos in the New Science of Relationship series, and the re-opening of registration for the Ready, Set, Love! program this Fall. Warm regards, John

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