Relationship Health Awareness Month!

Relationship Health Awareness Month

Relationship Health Awareness Month!

Ready Set Love® has designated March as Relationship Health Awareness Month in order to bring attention to the need for greater awareness of relationship health principles and how to enact them in relationships. We are also drawing attention to the need for relationship education in schools and in general.

Relationship education is critical to having ready-to-go skills and sound theory concerning connection as adolescents and adults step into committed relationships. By designating March as Relationship Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the social failure to focus on relationship health and training in school and in most home environments, leaving most unprepared for the challenge of shared life with another person.

You can support Relationship Health Awareness this month by subscribing to our podcast, leaving a rating and review, and most important–sharing it with your friends! The podcast is our new platform through which we hope to reach a broad audience with principles and tips for increasing the health and satisfaction of any relationship. Our guidance is based on the latest science of secure relationships and neuroscience of how connection works. Through the programs we offer on the website, individuals and couples can learn to communicate better, connect more deeply, and strengthen intimacy in their primary relationships. Join us and help spread the word! Thank you!

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