Ready Set Love® John Howard, MA


Want to make your relationship awesome based on tips from the latest science?

The 6-week Audio Course gives you a tour of the new science of relationships in a practical, usable format that you can bring to your relationship! Designed for one person to listen to and not needing partner involvement, this course gives you important nuggets you can use to improve communication, connection and intimacy in your relationship.

Here's What's In the Course!

Healthy Relationship

Learn about the phases of relationship, functioning as one, and bust popular myths!

Staying Connected!

Tips for feeling connected with your partner all of the time, attachment, and long-term satisfaction.

Improve Your Communication

Learn the importance of process over content, how to handle emotions and differences!

Sex & Romance

New science tips for keeping things fun and exciting in the bedroom over the long term.

Reducing Conflict

Learn the roots of conflict, how to de-escalate and a master key.

Advanced Topics

The spirituality of relationships, career, and managing family.

Your relationship will improve as you build key relationship skills.

John Howard trains couples nationally in the new science of relationships. He gives you the right exercises to deepen connection, communication and intimacy!

Working on your relationship should be fun!

We all want our relationships to be more fun and playful, so practicing and growing together should be fun as well. Our programs bring humor and play into the learning experience so you have a good time getting better!

Honestly, just Module 4 where John brings in Dr. Tori Olds to discuss how to keep sex and romance alive and fulfilling in a long-term relationship is worth the price of admission for this course!

See what our community says.

Experts and participants are raving about Ready Set Love®.

"John is the best of the best. His online programs can help any couple significantly deepen their bond, connection and fun together!"

-Carrie Contey, PhD, Parenting Expert

"John has a talent for conveying complex research in simple, easy-to-apply ways. He has the expertise to help couples deepen love, connection and understanding."

-Dr. Diane Poole-Heller, Renowned Psychological Educator

"Ready, Set, Love is a wonderful program offering practical and easy-to-use skills that nourish and strengthen relationships. I highly recommend this course!"

-B.G., Psychologist, California

"John has an uncommon wisdom about relationships and the science to back it up. He knows what people need to move forward in their relationship lives."

-J.W., Executive Consultant & Former Marine

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