34 The Power of Expectations

Expectations John Howard

34 The Power of Expectations

In this episode, you’ll learn why expectations of care and support are so important and how you can communicate about them with your partner. Tune in for illustrative examples and helpful exercises that will help you improve your own communication skills and set you up for success with your partner. Enjoy!

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“We have the ability to reflect on the mindset that we’re bringing to our relationship and be curious about whether we’re bringing the mindset that expects care and support in a healthy way or whether we’re denying that expectation.” – John Howard

Show Notes:

  • Why expectations of care and support are so important
  • How to communicate your needs without alienating your partner
  • Example conversations
  • How to set your partner up for success
  • Communication exercise

“We don’t have to resolve most issues in order to feel close and connected. In fact, what’s more important is to feel that your partner really cares about you, is really interested and curious in your experience, and is willing to effort to support you.” – John Howard

“If the way that you’re bringing issues to your partner sets them up for failure, then it’s so much harder for them to become the supportive partner that you want them to be.” – John Howard

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