The Secret Life of Emotions

22 The Secret Life of Emotions

Tune in for a quick-start guide to understanding your emotions, labeling them, and then communicating them with the people in your life. Many people see their emotions as an inconvenience and fail to understand them as the powerful tools that they are.  When you master these techniques, you’ll be able to harness the connecting power of […]

John Howard Podcast Ready Set Love

21 How To Solve The Pursuer-Distancer Maze

In many relationships, one partner feels like they have to beg for attention and affection while the other feels like they just can’t get any alone time. One partner feels neglected and the other feels pressured to say and do more. This can be really annoying! It even happens when both partners are committed to […]

Ready Set Love John Howard Dylan Davies

20 Maturing Your Sex Life

In this episode, sex therapist Dylan Davies and I discuss how partners can improve their communication about sex, pave the way to increased desire, more and better sex, and deeper emotional intimacy. You’ll learn how to preserve eroticism in your relationship, how to conjure up desire, and hear about Dylan’s favorite phrases for making sex […]

Secrets From A Pro on Ready Set Love with John Howard

19 Secrets From A Pro

This episode will teach you how to have your needs met more effectively in relationship. You’ll learn the most effective way to express your needs to your partner, why neediness in relationship is actually a good thing, and the 4 myths that prevent people from getting what they need. I notice that many of my […]

Dr. J. Pittman McGehee on Ready Set Love with John Howard

18 How to be Truly Married

In this episode, Jungian analyst, world-renowned speaker, author and Episcopal priest J. Pittman Mcgehee discusses what it means to be truly married. Don’t miss this episode! It’s deep, and reflects many decades of wisdom from a truly wise soul who has been on the front lines of psychotherapy and education for a long time. Dr. […]

John Howard Dating 21st Century

17 Dating in the 21st Century

These days, dating can often be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to! Tune in to hear my top-10 tips for navigating dating in the 21st century. These tips come from some of the top dating experts of our time as well as my own experience counseling single people. You will learn what type […]

Ready Set Love Podcast Episode 16 Attractiveness

16 How To Be Attractive

What does it mean to be attractive? Does it mean you have perfect washboard abs and pearly white teeth? Does it mean you have a high-powered job and drive an expensive car? Or is attractiveness something less superficial? It can be confusing navigating relationships when standards of attractiveness vary so wildly. We can become anxious […]

John Howard What is Love?

15 What is Love?

What is love? Isn’t that the eternal question? In this episode, we’re going to be exploring that question, both from a scientific standpoint and from an emotional standpoint. We often think of love as just a feeling, but it’s much more than that. I think of it as a deep emotional bond that is formed […]

Ready Set Love How to Handle an Affair

14 How to Handle an Affair

Whether or not you’ve experienced an affair, knowing how to deal with one can teach us to be better in general at handling trust in relationships as it relates to sex, romance, flirting, etc. As a result, this episode will be helpful to anyone who is currently in relationship. In this episode, I share an […]

Parenting Tips from Neuroscience on Ready Set Love with John Howard

13 Parenting Tips from Neuroscience

In this episode, John provides parenting tips from the new neuroscience, developmental psychology, attachment theory, and his own experience as a parent. If you are not a parent, you can still apply these tips to your romantic relationship, friendships, and even to yourself! You’ll learn how to better regulate your own and your child’s emotions […]

Ready Set Love Podcast Repair Trust Relationships

12 How to Repair Trust in Relationships w Mojo

Trust is easily eroded in relationships. Of course big ticket betrayals such as affairs or not showing up when you’re partner goes through a major illness can cause tremendous breaches of the trust between partners. But more mundane, everyday events can erode trust as well. Events such as staying out late and not calling to […]

John Howard Deepening Intimacy Ready Set Love Podcast

11 Deepening Intimacy in Relationships

Want to deepen closeness and intimacy in your relationship? The biggest complaint I get as a therapist is that partners don’t feel as connected as they would like. In this episode you will learn about the different kinds of intimacy and how to deepen the overall sense of intimacy and closeness in your relationship. Intimacy […]

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