27 Keeping it Simple with John Welbourn

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27 Keeping it Simple with John Welbourn

In this episode, I speak with veteran NFL player John Welbourn, who was an Offensive Lineman for the Eagles, Chiefs and Patriots, about what it takes to be selfless and show up as a dad and father. John has been a celebrity, I wanted his take on why he dedicates himself to serving his family and how hard the transition was from hired killer to family man. John is also the CEO of Power Athlete, a company that educates elite fitness trainers and trains professional athletes and Navy SEAL’s, and an expert in nutrition for performance. We discuss John’s involved approach to parenting, how he maintains a loving relationship with his wife, and strategies for keeping yourself and your family fit and healthy.

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“Sometimes you have to apologize for things you didn’t do because it helps the general good.” – John Welbourn

Show Notes:

  • What it takes for a guy who has it all to be a dedicated husband and father
  • Why John focuses on family over international jet-setting, partying, and rubbing elbows with celebrities
  • How John engages with his kids
  • How John and his wife share parenting duties
  • The importance of keeping things simple (John’s relationship philosophy)
  • How fighters can learn to be gentle and tender in their relationships
  • How you can keep your whole family fit and healthy

“I define fitness as being useful.” – John Welbourn

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