28 How To Find A Great Therapist

How to Find a Great Therapist

28 How To Find A Great Therapist

Trying to find a great couples or individual therapist can feel overwhelming, but after listening to this episode, you’ll understand how to find a highly trained professional with relevant credentials that can accommodate your specific needs or those of your relationship.

Although we’ll be primarily focusing on finding a couples therapist, you’ll get some pro tips for how to find a great therapist in any specialization. You’ll learn about every step of the process, from discussing goals with your partner to questions you should ask a prospective therapist.

I hope this episode will inspire you to consider couples therapy. Tragically, most couples go into counseling way too late. After years of dysfunction and aggression, there may be little any therapist can do to reverse the course of the relationship, so please consider a proactive approach to your relationship health!

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“Sometimes when we’re having conflict with our partner, it’s not necessarily the bad kind. A couples therapist can help you understand the difference. Good conflict is a kind of conflict that comes up when partners really want to be closer with each other and they’re getting frustrated that they don’t have the intimacy they desire.” – John Howard

Show Notes:

  • How to know if you should consider couples therapy
  • What to do before searching for a therapist
  • How to find a therapist who is the right fit for you and your partner
  • Where to get helpful recommendations for therapists
  • Questions to ask a prospective therapist
  • When it’s time to find a new therapist
  • Reasonable expectations for couples therapy

“When you look at the research on what makes therapy effective, it’s actually not the approach. It’s more what you bring to the project yourself, your willingness to change, your receptivity to the process. But a lot of it also depends on if you have a good personality match with your therapist.” – John Howard

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“Getting better at relationship takes retraining automatic circuits, not necessarily just the ones that we can think about and have control over cognitively.” – John Howard

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