26 What Really Holds Us Back with Rob Dial

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26 What Really Holds Us Back with Rob Dial

Rob Dial helps big time CEOs learn how their relationship lives mirror the same issues holding them back in terms of life success. In this episode, you’ll hear from Rob how your approach to relationships affects your mind and your ability to find success and thrive as an individual. We discuss the necessity of lifelong personal growth, how to become more self-aware, and how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Rob is a friend, and we discuss how we each approach a shared focus on personal growth.

Rob Dial is a leader in the business and personal growth space and the Founder of the MWF Motivation podcast, which has hit #1 in 6 categories on iTunes including self-help and business. He also runs one of the largest self-help Facebook pages in the world with over one million followers and a half a billion views in the last 12 months. He has two viral videos with over 50 Million views each.

Rob suffered a personal tragedy early on, losing his dad at age 15, which fuels him to help others who are suffering. As many of our listeners know, Rob and I can relate, as I lost my grandma, who raised me and was my mom and dad in many ways, at age 9, and that experience has formed a key part of my passion to do what I do in helping people feel connected and live connected lives.

Rob is a Millennial, but he started working at age 19, was promoted to run a franchise by age 21–which he grew to a multimillion dollar business within 1 year–and by the age of 24 he had trained over 2,000 sales reps to sell $5.6 million in products. His business experience now translates into a successful coaching practice.

Most importantly, Rob is a great guy, a nice guy, and we need more nice guys in the world. Rob has a heart that wants to help, and make a difference in the world, partly born of personal pain, and I can relate in all those ways. Listen to Rob and I discuss our dedication to personal growth and Rob’s insights on what really holds people back in life and in relationships.

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“People don’t view you as weak when you’re vulnerable; people view you as courageous.” – Rob Dial

Show Notes:

  • How Rob’s difficult childhood shaped him into the person he is today
  • Why Rob still invests in personal growth even though he’s had so much success
  • How individual success is influenced by relationships
  • How you can escape the attachment patterns of your childhood and gain agency in your relationships
  • Why it’s essential to learn to open up and be vulnerable
  • How to encourage your partner to join you on your personal growth journey
  • Why drive is better than motivation

“You ask yourself all these questions and force yourself to answer them, and that’s the easiest way to start becoming self-aware. To interrupt a pattern, you have to be aware of the pattern.” – Rob Dial

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