Who’s It For?

The Ready Set Love® online video program for couples is designed for couples at any stage of their lives who want to deepen their relationship through couples therapy and make life together more fulfilling. Our program is great for new couples starting out as well as couples that have been together for decades. Partners who are busy, both work, or have young kids (or all of the above!) need a way to connect and extra skills to make it through difficult phases of their relationship life. Our online couples counseling program gives you an excuse to prioritize time together each week focused on getting better as partners. Not only that, but we give you fun exercises that build critical relationships skills and muscles!

The Ready Set Love® program applies to all types of romantic relationships. Regardless of the nature of your relationship and how you define it, the science is the same in helping you to deepen your connection, avoid arguments, and have more fun, joy and play together through couples therapy. Straight couples, same-sex couples, married and just-dating partners are all welcome to join our community of couples focused on having an awesome relationship! We don’t judge your relationship choices, preferences, or lifestyle, we’re here to support you in reaching your goals of a happy life together!

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Ready Set Love® is great for:

  • Couples at any stage of their relationship
  • Young couples starting out
  • Experienced couples wanting to get better
  • Any relationship lifestyle
  • However you define your commitment
  • Straight & same sex couples

Ready Set Love® is a science-based company. We do not judge or discriminate according to how you define your relationship or your lifestyle. The science of connection applies to all people, regardless of sexual preferences and how you define your relationship. We welcome the cultural diversity in our community of how people express their love to one another.

Getting married?

Ready Set Love® is a great add-on to premarital counseling and the best way to set up healthy habits and create a solid foundation in your first year of marriage. Premarital counseling is often only between one and three sessions, and does not include the deep education in how to tend to and protect your relationship for the long-term. Ready Set Love® helps you learn the right habits that strengthen your relationship from the outset.

Even seasoned and experienced couples will learn some new tricks here about how to stay connected, resolve conflict, manage differences, and keep your romantic life exciting. We had a couple that has been married 40 years at our first workshop and they got more out of it than anyone! You might be surprised how much there is to learn from the latest science that can make your life better, even if you have been together for many years.

If you’re serious about having a great relationship, our program teaches you everything you need to know in a simple, convenient, private and affordable package! Ready to begin having a better relationship today?

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