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How it Works

Ready Set Love! makes it easy and convenient to develop top-notch relationship skills in the privacy of your own home. We send you weekly videos and articles you follow that even have exercises for you to do together. You can also jump in and binge watch the videos like a TV series. All of our programs help you learn more about healthy relationship and help you improve communication, intimacy and connection, all based on the latest neuroscience of relationships!

Both the audio course and the video program are taught by John Howard, MA, a nationally-recognized couples therapist and relationship educator. While the audio program can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the latest tips on healthy relationships, the video course is designed for you to do with your partner, learning and growing together. That program is designed to help you deepen your relationship skills, not just learn information. We utilize the brain’s natural way of developing new ability by mixing education with skill-building tasks that are fun and help you grow together.

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. It’s hard to find time for our significant other, not to mention the time to keep growing and learning together! You always want to be growing together, and we’ve made it fun, easy, and convenient to keep maturing as a couple and moving your relationship forward. Just 20-30 minutes a week spent watching a video together and doing a couple exercises and you’ll start to see the difference in your relationship right away!

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How does Ready Set Love! work?

  • You sign up for the Audio or Video Course
  • You receive weekly emails with links to your classes
  • Each week features a 20-45 min class
  • With the video course, you have partner exercises we guide you through to build your relationship skills
  • You can join our Private Facebook Group where you can interact with John and his staff
  • You become part of a community of couples working to have awesome relationships!
  • You learn tools, tips and hacks from the latest neuroscience of relationships that will supercharge your relationship right away!


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