Online Coaching

We offer online coaching by trained and competent relationship coaches at $65 for 30 min. All coaches are relationship professionals and personally trained by John Howard, MA. Use the contact form below to request a coaching session. Our scheduler will ask you some basic questions to make sure your situation is a good fit for our coaching service. Once approved, the scheduler will process your payment in advance for the amount of time you request and schedule you with a trained coach for a personal consult. Please read our disclaimer below and our terms and conditions to fully familiarize yourself with our programs and services.

Request your first 30 or 60 minute coaching session by using the form below.



Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to familiarize yourself with the scope of Ready Set Love® services. Ready Set Love® does not provide psychotherapy or counseling services. Our coaching service is not to be construed as professional psychotherapy or counseling services or as a replacement for those services when such services are needed. Ready Set Love® coaching should not be construed as receiving services from a licensed professional. While our coaches are highly trained and knowledgeable, they are not offering counseling or psychotherapy services. Such services often require licensure within a given State and mental health service agreements that Ready Set Love® does not offer. If you need psychotherapy or professional counseling services, seek the advice and help of a licensed mental health professional in your area. If you are in crisis or in an emergency, or dealing with a dangerous, threatening or abusive relationship, call 911 immediately.

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