33 Learning and Growing as a Couple

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33 Learning and Growing as a Couple

In this episode, I speak with real-life couple Liz and Steven Coufal about how they learn and grow together in relationship. They are a stellar example of a couple that actually takes the growth aspect of relationship seriously, so take notes!

Liz and Steven met in 2011 while interning for a nonprofit in California living at a house that had previously been home to a sex cult and now they’re happily married, living in Austin, Texas, each with an impressive job in a technology company.

We talk about how they got to where they are today, discussing philosophy, spirituality, and relationship best practices.

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“Submit to each other’s strengths and protect each other’s weaknesses.”– Liz & Steven’s mentor couple

Show Notes:

  • How Liz and Steven’s relationship began at a (former) sex cult house
  • How Liz and Steven conceptualize learning and growth in their relationship
  • How Liz and Steven adapt to each other’s changing personality
  • The value of pre-marital counseling
  • On the spiritual aspect of relationship
  • How Liz and Steven intentionally create space for their relationship in their busy lives

“It isn’t about not fighting, it’s about fighting well. And fighting well comes from fighting from the same side of the table”– Liz Coufal

“Conflict is not just going backwards or a mistake. It’s really an opportunity to live for that greater thing. It’s an opportunity to find that love that is transcendant. It’s orienting ourselves around a larger mission that includes our partner but isn’t totally tied to our partner.” – John Howard

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