35 How to Find Peace

John Howard How to Find Peace

35 How to Find Peace

These days, many people feel overwhelmed by the stress and friction generated by how we experience politics, world events, social media and our cultural landscape. This anxiety and stress not only takes a toll on the mental health of individuals, but also on the health of relationships. It is helpful to understand where peace comes from, how to feel more peace within ourselves, and how to experience greater harmony in our relationships with others. Being the peace allows you to help your community and the world live with greater connection, empathy and understanding.

In this episode, you’ll learn how you can bring peace to your relationships by increasing your tolerance for diversity of ideas, habits, and brains. It’s not just your romantic relationships that will benefit from this! Tolerance of diversity is a powerful diplomatic skill that will help you improve your relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and the community in general.

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“Everything begins within ourselves. And if we don’t have peace, then who are we to be trying to bring peace into the world. We have to understand where peace comes from.” – John Howard

Show Notes:

  • Peace: what it is and where it comes from
  • Peace doesn’t come from “winning” arguments
  • How inner peace can improve our approach to social activism
  • How to learn to tolerate your differences with your partner
  • How to practice tolerance in your community while fighting for what you believe is right

“It’s not just about winning an argument or discovering who is more right than somebody else. It’s really about learning how to respect one another even though we have different points of view.” – John Howard

“We shouldn’t confuse winning an agenda or winning an issue with real peace.” – John Howard

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