36 How to Make Friends at Burning Man

How to Make Friends at Burning Man

36 How to Make Friends at Burning Man

In this episode, you’ll learn what the Burning Man community can teach us about radical self-acceptance, following our intuition, and developing deep, spontaneous, creative, and healthy relationships.

My guest is Melanie Weinberger, a human potential activist, life coach, and TEDx international speaker who works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought-leaders, and social activists to help them create change in themselves and the world.

We explore how the social environment at Burning Man and the culture that extends from it encourages us to live more authentically and how this can spill over in positive ways into our day-to-day existence. I hope this episode will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and find new ways to relate to the people around you. Enjoy!

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“When you come with nothing, you allow everything.” – Melanie Weinberger

Show Notes:

  • What Burning Man and the Burner community are all about
  • Why Burner relationships are so special and healing
  • How to live with the unknown
  • How to be fully naked with your partner, literally and figuratively
  • How radical self-acceptance improves your relationships
  • How to achieve confidence and radical self-acceptance
  • How to make the most of your first Burning Man experience

“The things that most people try to hide: I very intentionally take an opposite approach where I feel excited to share things I’m scared of. Because bringing the secrets out of the shadows— shining light on a secret enables it to be healed.” – Melanie Weinberger

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“An act that is infused with courage always has a positive outcome.” – Melanie Weinberger

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