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Ready Set Love® is a community-based project that includes everyone that believes in making the world a better place through healthier relationships. Want to get involved?

We love building community and collaborating with like-minded businesses, individuals and organizations as we seek to spread healthy relationship concepts and skills! Here are some examples of how to get involved!

  • Do you have a large audience that may be interested in the new science of relationships and improving their relationship lives? We would love to partner with you!


  • Are you a philanthropist, celebrity or social trend setter? We’re always seeking support to help spread the message of healthy relationships far and wide. The healthy relationship lifestyle is about improving current relationships, and knowing the difference between healthy and non-healthy relationships. Join our cause to help address the educational gap when it comes to healthy relationships!


  • Be a relationship health ambassador! Once you take the Ready Set Love® program, you’re in a position to help couples around you understand the value and benefits of training and working together to improve their relationship. Give talks at your local church or library, bring us into your book club, or create a relationship healthy study group!


  • Help us spread the word! Join our mailing list and forward our newsletter and emails to your contacts and email lists that you are a part of. You’ll look smart! (We promise)


  • Help us build social media buzz! Like our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share our posts with your network! Have a social audience? Let’s partner up and do a Facebook live together, or record a video interview!


  • Partner with us to promote Ready Set Love®. We like collaborating with high-quality partners in fitness, nutrition, parenting, personal growth, wellness, relationship education, or any industry that could benefit from our programs. Send us an email to learn more.


Read About More Involvement Opportunities Here!

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