Who is Ready Set Love® for?

Our audio course can be taken by anyone interested to learn more about healthy relationships and the new science of primary relationships. Individuals, partners, and couples can benefit from the 6-week audio course. Our flagship video course is for partners that want to learn and grow together and practice exercises that build their relationships skills and muscles. That program is designed for partners in relationship to take and do the course together.

How much time does Ready Set Love® take?

Our flagship video course for couples requires about 45 min. per week. We recommend that you time block a consistent day and time each week that you will consume the content, watch the video together and practice the exercises. Our lightweight audio course can be consumed on the go: Walking your dog, running on the treadmill, or driving in your car. Or sit back and listen to it at home. It’s a great conversation starter with your partner!

What’s different about Ready Set Love®?

  1. We bring you the latest neuroscience and psychological science of relationship health
  2. Our programs are designed for ALL couples, straight, gay, married or not. If you’re in a serious relationship, come on in!
  3. We built our flagship course for partners to work together, whereas most other programs teach you as an individual
  4. We include partner exercises designed to help you grow your native relationship skill

How do I describe Ready Set Love® to my friends?

Tell them Ready Set Love® is an online academy to improve relationship health. Trust us, even if your friends aren’t talking about it, EVERYONE needs to get better at their relationships. And there’s no better investment! We appreciate you sharing us with your community through email or on social!

What charities does Ready Set Love® support?

Austin Sunshine Camps

Little Helping Hands

Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin

Austin Discovery School

Front Row Foundation

How can I help or get involved?

Want to get involved with Ready Set Love®? Click Here!

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