Austin Fit Magazine Best of 2018 John Howard

2018 Voting Best of Austin

Hi! I would appreciate your vote in Austin Fit Magazine’s Best of 2018. We have appreciated our collaboration with them this year and hope to continue to reach the Austin community with a message of comprehensive wellness–mental, emotional, and relationship health, in addition to their focus on fitness and nutrition. Your help makes a difference […]

Rob Dial John Howard

26 What Really Holds Us Back with Rob Dial

Rob Dial helps big time CEOs learn how their relationship lives mirror the same issues holding them back in terms of life success. In this episode, you’ll hear from Rob how your approach to relationships affects your mind and your ability to find success and thrive as an individual. We discuss the necessity of lifelong […]

Jonathan Hewitt

25 Developing Aware Kids with Jonathan Hewitt

In this episode, my guest Jonathan Hewitt talks about how you can teach your children to be more aware of themselves and of the people around them. Jonathan is the author of Life Ki-do Parenting and an expert in helping kids (and adults) develop natural confidence and self-esteem. We discuss topics from his book and training […]

Healthy Relationship Lifestyle

24 Healthy Relationship Lifestyle

In this episode, you’ll hear about how to cultivate a healthy relationship lifestyle that will benefit you and all of your relationships, romantic or otherwise. Very often, clients that are struggling in a relationship ask me whether they should stay and work on it or get out. While this is never an easy question to […]

John Howard Podcast

23 The Spiritual Science of Receiving in Relationships

It’s so easy to get caught up in doing things for our partner that we forget to receive our partner. We have to slow down, and really take them in, in order to really feel close. Our lack of receptivity to one another can cause one or both partners to feel undervalued, disrespected, or misunderstood […]

John Howard Aubrey Marcus Hal Elrod Nick Santonastasso

John Howard, Aubrey Marcus, Hal Elrod & Nick Santonastasso

John Howard, Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of Onnit, Hal Elrod, best-selling author of The Miracle Morning, and Nick Santonastasso will be speaking at the Acton School of Business over the weekend of Aug 10-12, 2018. For more information on this event, contact

Jon Vroman John Howard Front Row Dads

John Featured on Front Row Dads

John Howard was featured on the Front Row Dads podcast with host, Jon Vroman. They discuss the new science of connection, how to be more fully present with other humans, “in-the-moment” skills, and other key aspects of a rockstar relationship. John talks about the power of invitations, and has some special tips for dads. You […]

The Secret Life of Emotions

22 The Secret Life of Emotions

Tune in for a quick-start guide to understanding your emotions, labeling them, and then communicating them with the people in your life. Many people see their emotions as an inconvenience and fail to understand them as the powerful tools that they are.  When you master these techniques, you’ll be able to harness the connecting power of […]

John Howard Podcast Ready Set Love

21 How To Solve The Pursuer-Distancer Maze

In many relationships, one partner feels like they have to beg for attention and affection while the other feels like they just can’t get any alone time. One partner feels neglected and the other feels pressured to say and do more. This can be really annoying! It even happens when both partners are committed to […]

Ready Set Love John Howard Dylan Davies

20 Maturing Your Sex Life

In this episode, sex therapist Dylan Davies and I discuss how partners can improve their communication about sex, pave the way to increased desire, more and better sex, and deeper emotional intimacy. You’ll learn how to preserve eroticism in your relationship, how to conjure up desire, and hear about Dylan’s favorite phrases for making sex […]

Secrets From A Pro on Ready Set Love with John Howard

19 Secrets From A Pro

This episode will teach you how to have your needs met more effectively in relationship. You’ll learn the most effective way to express your needs to your partner, why neediness in relationship is actually a good thing, and the 4 myths that prevent people from getting what they need. I notice that many of my […]

Dr. J. Pittman McGehee on Ready Set Love with John Howard

18 How to be Truly Married

In this episode, Jungian analyst, world-renowned speaker, author and Episcopal priest J. Pittman Mcgehee discusses what it means to be truly married. Don’t miss this episode! It’s deep, and reflects many decades of wisdom from a truly wise soul who has been on the front lines of psychotherapy and education for a long time. Dr. […]

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