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Ready Set Love® Premarital Counseling

The New Premarital Counseling

Introducing New Science to Pre-Marital Counseling We have created a new premarital counseling model to give couples a 21st century approach to the important process of preparing for committed relationship. For too long, premarital counseling has relied on outdated programs developed in the 1970s that do not reflect current standards or science for couples counseling […]

Ready Set Love® Couples Workshop

Nov 18 Couples Workshop in Austin

You are invited to attend our 2017 couples workshop on Sat Nov 18 from 1-4pm. This is a great opportunity to bond with your partner and spend quality time learning how to connect more deeply. Spots are limited so reserve yours today! See you there! -John Click Here for More Information


John Speaking at Google Feb 22!

John will be speaking at Google 6 times in the month of February to highlight the important role of relationship health in overall wellness. He will be discussing both workplace and personal relationship health, the science of connection, and how to hack the nervous system to create a sense of trust and security quickly in […]


National Love Poem Contest!

Every year we do a National Love Poem contest in time for Valentine’s Day! Please submit your original love poem (only your work please!) to us using the link below and we’ll announce the winner on Valentine’s Day, 2017! We may even post some of the submissions as they come in. Good luck! Submit Your […]


John Howard & Diane Heller on Highly Sensitive

John Howard and Diane Heller just offered a joint class on Highly Sensitive People as part of her outstanding Therapy Mastermind Series. If you’re a professional therapist and don’t want to travel to all the leading conferences, or just want the best information each year from the top clinicians and researchers, Dr. Heller’s online Mastermind offers […]


Ready Set Love 3.0 is Coming!

Stay tuned! The all new version of Ready Set Love® is on its way! The new version of our flagship video course for couples will be ready September 2017 and will feature demonstrations of the concepts and exercises! Ready Set Love® is optimized to fit your budget, schedule and the way you learn, with the […]

Watch Your Partner Like a Movie!

Watch Your Partner Like a Movie!

Hi Ready Set Lovers! Ever watched your partner like a movie? Try this tip to deepen connection in your relationship. You’ll love it! (And so will your partner . . . )

John Howard_Christine_Hassler

Podcast with Christine Hassler!

Had a great time discussing relationships, improving long-term partnerships, and dating tips with Christine Hassler on her Over It & On With It podcast! Listen to the Full Episode Here! Christine does a great job supporting folks in their relationship lives on both the psychological and the practical sides. She and I agree: Don’t wait for […]

Launched Our YouTube Channel!

Launched Our YouTube Channel!

Hi! Come take a look! John discusses the ‘Language of the Nervous System’ to help you supercharge connection with your partner. (more…)

John Howard Diane Heller Dick Schwartz Attachment

Attachment Conference 2016!

John Howard will present at the 2016 Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference in Boulder, CO in 2016. Join special guests Dr. Amir Levine, Dick Schwartz, Diane Poole-Heller, Maggie Phillips and others for the latest in the world of primary relationships and adult attachment research and therapy models. John will present “Bringing Interpersonal Neuroscience into Couples Therapy.” […]


The One Thing Webinar!

What’s the One Thing that matters most when it comes to having an awesome relationship? And what are the practical steps to having it? John Howard & Jay Papasan discuss the secrets of building an incredible connection with your partner. Click here to listen to or view the recorded webinar: THE ONE THING FOR RELATIONSHIPS […]


The Great Love Debate!

Single in Austin? Join John at the Zach Theater in Austin, TX on Sept 28, 2015 for the Great Love Debate! The Great Love Debate brings together 100 of Austin’s most dynamic single women and 100 of its most eligible bachelors, along with 7 relationship experts to help moderate a conversation on “Why is Everyone […]

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