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Parenting While Thriving with Dr. Carrie Contey

Parenting While Thriving with Dr. Carrie Contey

Join Dr. Carrie Contey and John Howard for Episode 8 of the Podcast! Watch the preview video on YouTube! Then listen to this Episode HERE: https://readysetlove.com/applepodcasts

Carrie Contey on Ready Set Love with John Howard

08 Carrie Contey – Parenting while Thriving

Most parents come to accept the sleepless nights and packed schedules. But often enough, parents overlook the toll that this can take on their adult relationships. The stress of parenting can make adult relationships difficult, but it can also provide an opportunity for parents to come together and strengthen their relationship, depending on how they […]

Tori Olds on Ready Set Love with John Howard

07 Tori Olds PhD – Being our True Self in Relationships

Having an amazing, rockstar relationship is more than just growing closer as a couple, it’s also about being your full true self in the relationship. Relationships need to make room for each person to be their unique, quirky self in order for the relationship to thrive and for each partner to feel happy. Did you […]

Relationship Health Awareness Month

Relationship Health Awareness Month!

Ready Set Love® has designated March as Relationship Health Awareness Month in order to bring attention to the need for greater awareness of relationship health principles and how to enact them in relationships. We are also drawing attention to the need for relationship education in schools and in general. Relationship education is critical to having […]

John Howard The One Thing Podcast Ready Set Love

Connect More with Your Partner!

John was interviewed by The One Thing podcast and discussed the daily habits of truly connected couples. You can check it out here! https://www.the1thing.com/podcasts/

Allana Pratt John Howard Ready Set Love Podcast

Vulnerability is the New Sexy!

Join Allana Pratt and John Howard for Episode 3 of the Podcast! Watch the preview video on YouTube! Then listen to this Episode HERE: https://readysetlove.com/podcast


John Featured at WealthyWellthy!

John was a featured speaker at the 3-day WealthyWellthy Mastermind along with sleep expert and Navy SEAL Dr. Kirk Parsley and host Krisstina Wise. He spoke on the secrets to deepening your relationship from relational neuroscience. He also served on a health & wellness panel with Keith and Michelle Norris, the owners of PaleoFX, Dr. […]

John Howard Internet Marketing Party Ron Lynch Mastermind

Winner of the IMP Mastermind

We’re grateful to be a winner of the IMP Ron Lynch Mastermind. We will be discussing our goals and challenges for the Ready Set Love! project with a private panel at Capital Factory in Austin, TX. We appreciate the opportunity!

Ready Set Love® Premarital Counseling

The New Premarital Counseling

Introducing New Science to Pre-Marital Counseling We have created a new premarital counseling model to give couples a 21st century approach to the important process of preparing for committed relationship. For too long, premarital counseling has relied on outdated programs developed in the 1970s that do not reflect current standards or science for couples counseling […]

Ready Set Love® Couples Workshop

Nov 18 Couples Workshop in Austin

You are invited to attend our 2017 couples workshop on Sat Nov 18 from 1-4pm. This is a great opportunity to bond with your partner and spend quality time learning how to connect more deeply. Spots are limited so reserve yours today! See you there! -John Click Here for More Information


John Speaking at Google Feb 22!

John will be speaking at Google 6 times in the month of February to highlight the important role of relationship health in overall wellness. He will be discussing both workplace and personal relationship health, the science of connection, and how to hack the nervous system to create a sense of trust and security quickly in […]


National Love Poem Contest!

Every year we do a National Love Poem contest in time for Valentine’s Day! Please submit your original love poem (only your work please!) to us using the link below and we’ll announce the winner on Valentine’s Day, 2017! We may even post some of the submissions as they come in. Good luck! Submit Your […]

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