30 Crushing Life as a Couple with AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell

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30 Crushing Life as a Couple with AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell

Tune in for an interview with AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell, power couple and co-founders of Praxis Metrics. You’ll hear about how they learn and grow as a couple, and help each other grow as individuals. They also discuss how they have learned to communicate effectively about their relationship, and how they budget time for closeness in their hectic entrepreneurial lives.

This episode is a case study of a deep, loving, and communicative relationship in which both partners are continually growing, changing, and adapting to each other. I think studying AJ and Meaghan’s relationship is a great way to internalize what a healthy relationship looks like and it will help you adopt a more growth-oriented culture with your partner.

AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell are a dynamic couple who are business partners, adventure partners, and life partners.

Meaghan is an international speaker and an expert in information intelligence who co-founded a non-profit for STEM education through extreme sports. AJ is a bestselling author, host of the Data-Rich Podcast, and a public speaker as well.

They scaled their business and life by being data-driven in everything they do. They figured out how to run their business remotely, automate a lot of their life, and keep their bodies fit and healthy, growing their relationship all while traveling the world together. They are the founders of Praxis Metrics where they help companies eliminate waste and make better decisions from their data, resulting in exponential growth.

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“From day one, we’ve given each other permission to have growth together because that was the first thing we did together.” – Meaghan Connell

Show Notes:

  • How AJ and Meaghan cultivate a culture of growth in their relationship
  • How interpersonal relationships catalyze personal growth
  • How AJ and Meaghan learn from each other
  • How they deliberately grow with each other
  • Why you should find a mentor couple
  • How AJ and Megan reconcile their differences
  • How they prevent their working relationship from overwhelming their romantic relationship
  • How they avoid competing with each other
  • How to help your partner meet their goals without irritating them

“It’s my responsibility to protect my boundaries so that I can show up as a healthy masculine and when she’s upset, still laugh, still hug her, and still try to help her get into a different state.” – AJ Yager

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  • Learn more about Praxis Metrics
  • Connect with Meaghan:

meaghan@praxismetrics.com | @meaghanconnel

  • Connect with AJ:

aj@praxismetrics.com | @ajyager

“If there is a self, it’s a very changeable entity. And if we allow our relationships to expand us, we can go way beyond who we thought we were by letting our partner influence us and impress us.” – John Howard

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