Avoid these 5 Mistakes in Your Relationship!

3 Relationship Tips Make a Difference!


3 Relationship Tips Make a Difference!

Emotional Communication: Much of relationship is caring for feelings. Emotional communication is its own language. Don’t expect feelings to be rational. Listen for emotional keywords in what your partner says and respond directly to them first before other content. The goal is not to debate anything but to send a message of ‘I am here with you’

Speak to the Primitive Brain: When trying to influence your partner, or when you have something important to convey, avoid long, complex sentences spoken at a distance. Get real close to your partner, gaze into their eyes and speak short, simple phrases. The child in us, and the unconscious, get the message more directly this way

Manage Thirds Properly: Alot of things and people try to get in between you and your partner. Things like work, hobbies, friends and relatives. You have to guard together against anything becoming more important than your sense of togetherness. Try hosting a party while holding hands, and greeting each other first when you enter a room

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    This program seems perfect for my husband and myself.

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