Ready Set Love® John Howard

John Howard, MA, LPC, LMFT

Ever wonder where the manual is for a great relationship?

The class on how to have a rockstar partnership? We built it!

Isn’t it odd that we never get a class on how to have an incredibly connected relationship, yet we’re somehow expected to do it well?

Ready Set Love! will finally give you and your partner the skills and support you need to have an awesome, fun, and connected relationship for the long-term!

Only $497 for the Entire Course!

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John Howard, MA, LPC, LMFT-A is a leading couples therapist and educator helping professionals and couples across the U.S. learn the new science of relationships.

Relationships are one if the most significant parts of our lives. Our relationship quality impacts so many things: our well-being, happiness, fulfillment, our kid's health and happiness, our stress levels, ability to focus on work and career, and yes, our health and lifespan! 

Our program gives you the leading edge in couples training on all the important topics: Communication, connection, intimacy, sex, & reducing arguing. To spend this amount of time with John in his office would cost you over $11,000! With Ready Set Love!, you receive 50 videos and articles and 12 months of access for only $497! Now that's a deal!

Ready Set Love! will help you...

  • Dramatically improve communication with your partner
  • Bring you together despite your busy lives, work and kids
  • Strengthen your bond in a way that benefits you, your kids and family as a whole
  • Deepen your sense of connection with each other
  • Increase intimacy and improve your sex lives
  • Create a stronger and happier relationship than ever before

Think about it. Our relationship is the most valuable asset we have. When people are asked at the end of life what made the most difference, they say the quality of the relationships they were able to have: how deep, how connected they feel with the people in their lives. Our relationships have a dramatic impact on our quality of life every day, that of our kids, their futures, and of our partner. We want a great partnership. One that is solid, stress-free, fun, playful and exciting!


An online course that gives you and your partner access to leading edge information on how to have a significantly deeper and richer life together.


You will receive immediate online access to our groundbreaking A-Z course on having an awesome relationship.


Membership in private Facebook group to interact with John and Staff as well as other members.


You will receive exclusive access to our online library with over 50 video modules & articles on the critical components of healty relationships.


We will be sending you weekly emails with articles and videos to help keep you on track with your relationship goals.


Live calls with John where you will be able to ask those burning relationship questions you need answered.


You will be receiving access to leading edge science-based information created using the latest neuroscience of relationships!  

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What Experts Say:

 "If you want to transform your partnership, run, don’t walk, to John. He has put the latest neuroscience and attachment principles into his relationship program Ready, Set, Love! As a couples therapist, John is the best of the best. His online program can help any couple significantly deepen their bond, connection and fun together. John is awesome!"

Carrie Contey, Ph.D. - Parenting Expert

 "John Howard is dynamic teacher of relationship science including attachment and couples therapy who has a talent for conveying complex research in simple, easy-to-apply ways. His lens on relationships is profound and he has the expertise to work with even the most complex couples to deepen love, connection and understanding."

Diane Poole-Heller, Ph.D. - World-Renowned Educator

 "I saw John on stage and he wowed the audience with a powerful message of hope and valuable tips. There was a line 2 hours long to speak with him afterward. John has an uncommon wisdom about relationships and the science to back it up. He knows what people need to move forward in their relationship lives."

J.W. - CEO and former Marine Corps officer 

What Our Program Participants Say: 

"My husband and I got a LOT out of this program. It's a quick and easy "date" to listen to video and then it inspires more love and connection during the week. Really helpful in a stressful couple’s life!"

Dr. E.S. - Texas 

“What we liked best was connecting with each other, getting new and interesting information, and learning together.”

P.T. - Educator, AR 

“Ready, Set, Love! is a wonderful program offering practical and easy-to-use skills that nourish and strengthen relationships. I highly recommend this course!”

B.G. - Psychologist, CA 

“I am so grateful to hear about the stages and experience how normal it sounds my relationship is. I can really get into the state of feeling like my relationship is the only one with challenges and I must be with the wrong person because it is so hard. I am looking forward to a more conscious creation of moving forward into the next upgrade of our experience together in relationship. Thank you for renewing my hope in us!”

 T.R. & D.M., Santa Barbara, CA

“There is a lot of comfort in knowing that some of the experiences we have are universal and not JUST us. It allows me to feel normal rather than feeling like I am doing something wrong!”

B.B. - Chicago

“The pacing of the program is outstanding! We CAN learn the skills we need to build our future life together as a couple. SO well presented, John. I really resonate with your messages!”

T.G. - Austin, TX

A Course Based on Science

This course breaks a lot of common myths that may be harming your relationship and incorporates leading psychological approaches to building healthy relationships. It is built specifically for couples to help partners work together to become stronger and happier!

A Course Designed For You

No matter where you are in your current relationship this course is built for you. You can go through the course in sequence OR start in any category you choose, from sex to communication to preventing arguments. YOU can decide what you want to learn and WHEN you want to learn it.

About John Howard -

John Howard, MA is a licensed couples therapist who teaches couples and professional therapists across the U.S. John has a talent for communicating the very latest science in a usable, practical format that help couples benefit from the very latest tips and tools used by the most sophisticated professionals. John has been featured by numerous media outlets and interviewed on countless shows.  

John has trained in both the PACT and Gottman methods of couples therapy, including being chosen as 1 of 12 couples therapists in the world to join the founding faculty of the PACT Institute, a leading psychological institute that trains relationship therapists in the latest science. In 2013, John presented alongside Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Shefali Tsabari at the Extraordinary Family Life Conference. In 2016, he presented at the annual Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference with Dick Schwartz, PhD, Dr. Diane Poole-Heller, Amir Levine and others. John has been interviewed by Jay Papasan, New York Times best-selling author of The One Thing, Parent Alliance, and the Austin American-Statesman, and has presented for the Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, Attachment Parenting International, and to numerous professional associations such as Enterpreneur's Organization (EO). John maintains a private couples therapy practice in Austin, TX and writes on relationship topics for The Huffington Post, LifeHack and other publications.


Why put off taking your relationship to the next level? You can join Ready Set Love! right now for only $497 and start creating the relationship your truly desire TODAY!

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