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The Online Relationship Program

Ever wonder where the manual is for a great relationship? The class no one gets on how to have a rockstar partnership? We built it!

Ready Set Love! is the premier platform to help you and your partner have an awesome relationship together. We incorporate the latest science and neuroscience into our programs. All the videos are taught directly by John Howard, MA, a licensed couples therapist and a leading national voice on relationship health and the new science of connection and communication. Ready Set Love! gives you the A-to-Z on how to have an awesome, connected relationship. We teach you the best tips and tools from the very latest relationship science!

You will get an email once a week with a new topic. You can use those links to follow the course sequence,  or jump into our content library and choose the topic you most want to practice anytime! You also get access to a Private Facebook group where you can ask John and his staff questions, as well as occasional live calls with John to discuss your specific relationship issues. Ready Set Love! will finally give you and your partner the skills and support you need to have an awesome, fun, and connected relationship for the long-term!


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Isn’t it odd that we never get a class on how to have an incredibly connected relationship, yet we’re somehow expected to do it well? What other areas of life is that true about? Relationships are one if the most significant parts of our lives. Our relationship quality impacts so many things: our well-being, happiness, fulfillment, our kids health and happiness, our stress levels, ability to focus on work and career, and yes, our health and lifespan! Think of Ready Set Love! as an investment in your health, well-being and happiness, as well as that of your kids and entire family. We go to the gym and work our muscles. It’s important to have a monthly gym for your relationship as well, so you can continue to grow together. We’ve made it easy to improve every week!

Ready Set Love! takes a positive, strengths-based approach to helping you and your partner develop greater love, intimacy and friendship using the very latest science. We welcome all relationships: dating  and married couples, young couples and those who have been together for decades, and any relationship lifestyle.

The Ready Set Love online course gives you and your partner access to the leading edge when it comes to how to have a significantly deeper and richer life together. It even applies to your family relationships and giving your kids a healthy relationship map for their futures!

With the Ready Set Love! Course, you receive:

  • Access to our groundbreaking A-to-Z course in having an awesome relationship
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Membership in a private Facebook group to interact with John and staff
  • Occasional live calls with John to ask you relationship questions
  • Access to our content library, organized by topic
  • Over 50 video modules on the critical components of healthy relationships
  • Over 50 articles that follow the videos in each module
  • The best class on having an awesome, connected relationship available!

John’s hourly rate in his private practice is $225/hr. To get 50 hours of learning from John in person would cost over $11,000! Sure, you can learn from someone in your local area, but that’s also time and expense, and the material probably wouldn’t be as good. With Ready Set Love!, we’re offering a comprehensive program in relationship awesomeness. You’ll receive advanced learning in communication, intimacy, connection and more, all informed by the latest science, for only $497! Sign up today and supercharge your relationship with the latest information, skill-building exercises, and tools to live life together with closeness, fun and excitement for the long term!

John Howard, MA is a licensed couples therapist who teaches couples and professional therapists across the U.S. John has a talent for communicating the very latest science in a usable, practical format that help couples benefit from the very latest tips and tools used by the most sophisticated professionals. John has been featured by numerous media outlets and interviewed on countless shows. He was chosen as 1 of 12 couples therapists in the world to join the founding faculty of the PACT Institute, a leading institute teaching neuroscience and attachment principles to professional therapists. In 2013, John presented alongside Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Shefali Tsabari at the Extraordinary Family Life Conference. In 2016, he presented at the annual Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference with Dick Schwartz, PhD, Dr. Diane Poole-Heller, Amir Levine and others. John was interviewed by Jay Papasan, NYT best-selling author of The One Thing. John has trained in several leading couples therapy models and writes on relationship topics for The Huffington Post, LifeHack and others.

Only $497 for the Entire Course!

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So what’s different about our program?

  1. We teach you science-based information few others can, including the latest neuroscience of relationships
  2. The learning modules incorporate the leading psychological approaches and are based on years of professional experience working with real clients
  3. We break a lot of common relationship myths that may be harming your relationship
  4. The modules are personally taught by John Howard, a licensed therapist and recognized relationship expert
  5. Ready Set Love! is built specifically for couples. Many online programs are informational only and don’t help partners work together to get stronger and happier!
  6. You learn tools and tips you’ve never seen before that make a positive difference right away!

Ready Set Love! will help you:

  • Drammatically improve communication with your partner
  • Deepen your sense of connection with each other
  • Bring you together despite your busy lives, work & kids
  • Increase intimacy and improve sex
  • Strengthen your bond in a way that benefits you, your kids and your family

You’ll love our program because:

  • It’s packed full of rich learning and helpful tips taught by an expert
  • It is easy and convenient–we send you emails, you watch 10 min videos or read the articles
  • It’s private–you get to watch and read together in the privacy of your own home
  • It’s affordable! Ready Set Love! costs only $497
  • You’ll start teaching your friends these cool science-based tips and they’ll think you’re a wizard (you’re welcome)
  • We’re building a community of couples dedicated to having awesome relationships for the long-term!

Think about it. Our relationship is the most valuable asset we have. When people are asked at the end of life what made the most difference, they say the quality of the relationships they were able to have: how deep, how connected they feel with the people in their lives. Our relationships have a dramatic impact on our quality of life every day, that of our kids, their futures, and of our partner. We want a great partnership. One that is solid, stress-free, fun, playful and exciting!

Why should we expect to be good at relationships when none of us ever got a master class on how to optimize that part of our lives? We don’t expect to be  good at the things we don’t train in or practice in other areas of our lives! The right training and practice can make a really big difference. Ready Set Love! brings you the best tools for how to build and grow your relationship into everything you dreamed it could be.

Cancel if you don’t see the value. We’re confident you’re going to realize the benefits and the growth that happens as you and your partner engage the videos and articles. Ready to give your relationship the superpowers it deserves? Jump in! I’ll see you inside! -John Howard, MA

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