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Ready Set Love! helps couples deepen their relationship by improving communication, intimacy and connection using the latest science. Our online programs are affordable, convenient, and expertly created. They deliver the highest quality relationship skills training to help you and your partner achieve your relationship dreams and goals.

Isn’t is crazy none of us gets a class on healthy relationship?! You’d think with how important relationships are in our lives, we would all have received extensive training in how to be emotionally supportive, communicate differences with understanding, create connection with different personality types, and preserve romantic intimacy in long-term relationships. But typically, none of us received a class like that. We get together with a partner, and we’re expected to do relationship well, but often, the dream we have when we commit to a partnership often fades with the reality of how difficult it is and with time. That’s where our program steps in.

Ready Set Love! aims to provide the class you (and your partner) never got on how to have an awesome, rockstar relationship.

Our programs are based on the latest science of relationships, including neuroscience and modern attachment theory. Our messaging is inclusive of all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or how partners define their commitment. And we try to make the learning process fun, positive, and celebrate that you’re improving your relationship skills!

Ready Set Love! was created by John Howard, a couples therapist & educator focused on the new science of relationships. John has trained professionals around the U.S., speaks to public and professional audiences on relationship science, and has authored numerous articles that present a new approach to improving relationships.

Ready Set Love! is redefining relationship education for the 21st century. Please join us–as a participant, a partner or a friend. We all need better relationship skills, learned in a fun atmosphere. We would love your participation, or your support, and we love partnering with like-minded businesses to spread the word and spread healthier relationship!

Mission & Values


Our vision is a world in which people treat each other with care, love, passion and acceptance. We see a future where relationship partners are skilled at connection, communication, and have compassion for themselves and others. Working to influence relational habits, we positively impact child and human development, bringing more peace, love and joy into the world.


We provide fun and effective educational content to couples, individuals, parents and young adults that help them develop stronger, healthier relationships. Our programs offer a convenient and affordable approach to learning the knowledge and skills necessary to create and sustain great, healthy relationships. Utilizing the power of online learning, the latest science, good design and community building, including partnerships, we deliver proactive support to couples and individuals that provides a foundation for long-term relationship health.

Core Values

  • Ready, Set, Love! seeks to create a learning environment that is multi-culturally aware and inclusive. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, lifestyle, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or any other quality of being human. Heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, married couples, dating couples, engaged partners, open relationship couples, immigrant couples, interracial couples, cross-cultural couples and partners that express their commitment in various ways are all welcome and can benefit from our programs. Ready Set Love! remains open minded with regard to the full range of lifestyle choices couples make
  • Ready Set Love! believes in a collaborative approach to business achieved through community building and partnerships that contribute to a healthier, happier society
  • Ready Set Love! believes in giving back to those in need
  • Ready Set Love! believes in setting an example through our corporate culture by prioritizing integrity and healthy relationships in all that we do

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