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About Us

Ready Set Love! is the class you never got on how to have a healthy, warm, connected relationship. We began with a question. How come no one gets a class on healthy relationship when we get two years of Algebra that almost no one uses? The skills of knowing what a healthy relationship is, being able to identify its key markers, and being practiced in loving, listening and connecting are more fundamental to life success than much of the information we learn in school. In an ideal world, relationship training would happen in the family, but we all know that is often not the case. So we set out the build the class . . .

Ready Set Love! covers everything from attachment to communication to emotional connection to sex. We incorporate the latest psychological and neuroscience of healthy, strong relationships. We know that people don’t just want a healthy partnership, they want personal growth to result from their relationships as well, so our program is oriented in such a way as to promote that growth. And we know that information alone does not change behavior, especially the automatic reactions we tend to have in relationships, so we included partner exercises to build your relationship muscles.

Why are we so passionate about healthy relationships?

After a childhood marked by loss and difficulty connecting, John found himself wondering why schools don’t teach love and how to care for one another in the place of additional geometric calculations. This led to a lifelong pursuit of the world’s deeper teachings on love and healing, from indigenous villages in Peru, to a spiritual healing university, to holistic medicine and psychotherapy. Throughout the journey, John discovered that other cultures do better at providing relationship training, and that healthy relationships are an integral part of our happiness, spiritual growth and fulfillment as people.

We envision a world in which everyone learns about healthy relationships, and practices them, at home and at school. To bridge the gap that currently exists in relationship education, we seek to provide the most cutting-edge relationship science, delivered in a lighthearted and entertaining way, to kids, adults and couples everywhere.

What other aspects of our lives do we expect to do well without training?

Hmmm, let’s see, would we expect to be good at a sport without training? How about our jobs? Good with no training? Relationships matter. And we don’t learn how to do them. That’s a problem, and we’re doing our best to solve it.

We all have a dream when we first commit in long-term relationship. But after some years, maybe a couple kids, and the stress of work life, the dream can fade and lead to arguing, negative feelings and less intimacy and closeness. Ready Set Love! gives you and your partner a convenient, affordable and private way to get back on track!

Let’s heal the world together, one great relationship at a time!

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