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A great relationship is one of the most valuable things in life

The Ready, Set, Love program combines the latest research and time-tested principles to take your relationship to the next level!


How Does It Work?

The Year of Love online relationship program sends you a weekly email with a short article and a 10-minute video. Each month covers an important theme of optimal relationship and every week has a learning focus. The online...

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Benefits of the Online Relationship Program

A great relationship is known to improve the quality of our lives significantly. Research shows that a strong relationship can lengthen our lives, ward off stress, improve our immune system, and help shield us from the negative...

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whoisit for

Who is it For?

The Year of Love online relationship program is designed for couples at any stage of their lives who want to deepen their relationship and make life together more fulfilling. It’s great for new couples starting out...

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Make Your Relationship Awesome!

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JuiceLand Partnership with Ready, Set, Love!

Announcing our partnership with JuiceLand! JuiceLand and Ready Set Love are working together to help you have a healthier body and more awesome relationship! Sign up for a cleanse...

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Austin Woman Article

Boost Love & Connection in Your Busy Life! 5 communication tips to sweeten your relationship, by relationship educator John Howard. With the hustle and bustle of life coming at...

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Ready Set Love Program

V.2 is Now Available!

We want to thank our beta group of 50 couples for helping us to hone the program! Version 2 of the 12-month Ready, Set, Love! program is now available on demand for couples to begin...

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The Great Love Debate!

Single in Austin? Join John at the Zach Theater in Austin, TX on Sept 29 for the Great Love Debate! The Great Love Debate brings together 100 of Austin’s most dynamic single...

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10 steps to divorce therapy

Self-Care when Ending a Relationship

Practicing healthy relationship habits is not just about strengthening our partnerships, it’s also about knowing when to end a bad one. If you’re needing to separate or...

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Annual Fall Conference!

Couples Workshop in Austin, TX, Sept. 27, 1-4pm! Spend some time this afternoon deepening your love, connection and intimacy! Improve communication and bring fun to your differences...

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family alliance

Parent Alliance Interview!

Dr. Rhona Berens from Parent Alliance has posted an audio interview she did with me last month. Listen to our conversation on attachment, neuroscience, parenting and adult relationships...

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mate lh

Find a Partner!

Single and looking for a partner? John shares his step-by-step tips for bringing love into your life! Learn about limiting beliefs, making lists and reverse filtering. Step #1 is the...

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Love or Lust

Love or Lust? Tell the Difference

Are you in love or in lust? Is your relationship headed toward long term success or is it more of a short-term fling? Explore 10 ways to tell the difference here (and share with your...

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10 Ways to Prevent Cheating in Relationship

Cheating in relationships is rampant. We can assume most partners will cheat at some point in a committed relationship. Why? I’m going to answer that question a number of ways, and...

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Seton Cove & API Talks

Please join me June 18 and 19 at the Seton Cove and Attachment Parenting International in Austin, TX for talks on how to strengthen your relationship, grow in partnership, and understand...

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Romantic picnic

Top 10 Things You Never Knew about Relationship

Relationships are mysterious. We fall in love only to realize that life together is difficult and presents unique challenges. How do we merge with another person yet remain independent...

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Interview & Talk: AAMFT

John Howard is interviewed by the Austin Association of Marriage and Family Therapy on couples therapy and interpersonal neuroscience. Preceding his presentation to AAMFT on April...

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Congrats to the First 50 Couples!

Just wanted to congratulate the first 50 couples taking the Ready, Set, Love program! Thank you for being part of our inaugural class! I hope you’re getting some good stuff out...

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Virtual Class at!

An introduction to the new science of relationship, hosted by and taught by John Howard, MA. The first in a 5-part series, this is a 60 minute video class that is always...

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